Are you feeling let down by neoliberalism ? Fed up with invisible hands ?

Financialization, wild lobbying, hedge funds, tax havens, globalisation, profit as the only goal, depletion of natural resources, unemployment, labor rights’ ruin, public services disappearance, wealth inequality, poverty, conflict of interests, revolving doors, glass ceilings, golden parachutes, useless projects, overconsumption, crippling debts...

Write to us. A few words or a long letter...

Describe your discontent, your disillusions, relate your situation, share your doubts, express your anger.

We are collecting these words in our office in World Trade Center I, in Brussels.

The idea is to capture these various negative energies eating away at the victims of neoliberalism, and store them here at this symbolic location at the heart of Europe. Release yourself from the dark magma that accumulating inside you, and free your positive energy !

We will read the letters in different public spaces related to business and/or Europe.

Please, send your messages to :

DG Claims service